While an entertainment center may not be something you’ve been making Pinterest boards around for years, when shopping for a new one it’s important to remember that it’s one of the most functional pieces of furniture you’ll own (as well as being one that you’re likely going to stare at for hours on end every week), so getting it just right is key.

To help you in your search, we’ve narrowed down four important features to consider when looking at a prospective entertainment center:

1) Size matters.

Assuming that one of the reasons you want to have an entertainment center is to hold your television, one of the most important things to consider is whether or not it is large enough to fit your tv (there’s nothing worse than discovering a mismatch too late, so always measure first!).  This Havalance Entertainment Center from Ashley Furniture, for example, features a space for the tv that is not only a generous 67 inches wide, but also has an open back behind the tv opening to easily run cables, etc.

2) Storage is key.

Part of the point of an entertainment center is to keep your remotes, DVDs, game consoles, etc. in one spot for easy access.  This Wynnlow Entertainment Center from Ashley Furniture is a great example of a mix of storage options, with two cabinets, four drawers, and six shelves which can be filled either with all your multimedia needs or a combination of those in the hidden spaces and some small decorative elements on the shelves.

3) Neutral colors are your friends.

Having neutral tones featured on your entertainment center (such as the pairing of vintage white and aged natural pine color on this Wystfield TV Stand from Ashley Furniture) is a wise move as it helps ensure that your chosen piece will go nicely with all your other furniture and room decor design choices, even if / when you decide to change them in the future.

4) Aesthetics make a house a home.

Remembering that the entertainment center is often the visual focal point of your living space, it’s good to choose one with aesthetic elements that are pleasing to the eye and give you a nice “at home” feeling.  This Naydell TV Stand from Ashley Furniture, for example, offers a wonderful mix of coziness and sophistication with an LED fireplace insert.  Operating with or without heat, the insert even comes with optional faux glass crystals and natural stones so you can choose a customized look for the flame bed to best suit your tastes.

These of course aren’t the only things to consider, but they’re a great starting point to help you brainstorm the aspects that will be most important to you when choosing a new entertainment center.  So make your list, measure your tv(!), and let the hunt begin!

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